Respiratory Therapy – Breathing Better With Humility

Oxygen is essential to human life. Without the ability to breath, a human being cannot live. R.T. work with patients who have difficulties breathing or other cardio-pulmonary disorders. They evaluate, treat and care for these patients in a number of different settings. They save lives by helping clear patients’ airways during emergency procedures, and they make living and breathing easier for patients with chronic asthma, diseased lungs, or other conditions that make breathing a challenge.

Skilled Professionals must complete a university degree program and then become certified by passing an examination and meeting with rigorous standards. But there is more than education to being a R.T. Skilled professionals must also possess many important personal characteristics, including humility.

Humility is an important characteristic for all health care providers. Being arrogant, over confident, contemptuous or rude is a huge barrier to effective patient care. A respiratory therapist must practice humility when dealing with the patient and when interacting with other members of the health care team.

A patient who cannot breath or has difficulty breathing is one who may feel dangerously close to dying. The struggle to fight for breath can be emotionally and physically exhausting. An effective respiratory therapist doesn’t just ease the patient’s breathing; they also show humility by treating the patient with dignity and respect. The patient should feel comfortable and at ease with their therapist. An arrogant or rude therapist will not accomplish this goal.

A successful respiratory therapist also acts with humility when interacting with the rest of the heath care team. A therapist may be working with a doctor, nurses, or other health care practitioners to help the patient recover. It is vitally important that all members of the team be treated with respect. Although each person may be providing a different level of care, there is no job that is more important than the others. Being humble when working in a team is an important characteristic for a respiratory therapist.

Respiratory therapists help patients breathe better, and, in doing so, help them live better. Humility can help ensure the success of their efforts.

Massage Therapy Benefits For Kids

One of the most fascinating things about massages is that it is not restricted to people of a certain age. Anyone regardless of age and sex can reap the benefits of massage therapy. Even though this practice is generally utilized by adults, parents of new born babies and little children are also joining the ranks. These parents actively seek this form of alternative therapy in order to ensure proper upbringing of their loved ones.

The techniques for alternative massage therapy are generally the same for babies and children alike. However, the difference lies in the proper handling and also in the magnitude of benefits they provide for children of different ages.

Alternative Massage Therapy for Babies

Infant massages demand extreme care and attention as they have a direct impact on the human brain. There are a plethora of benefits of this specialized form of touch. Infant massages are helpful in enhancing a baby’s physical, emotional, mental and social development. They create a strong bond between parent and child as the baby gets exposed to the sense of gentle touch. Moreover, it is very effective in helping premature babies gain weight. It improves motor development in cocaine-exposed infants and facilitates the breathing function of babies experiencing asthma. Such babies show positive gains in behavior and a decline in anxiety and stress hormone, Cortisol after massage treatment.

Babies tend to cry a lot as it is their only means of expressing themselves during the early stages of infancy. A gentle massage can soothe a crying baby and also relieve any colic, circulatory and digestive ailments. Furthermore, it helps new parents become comfortable with their child so it is a win-win situation for everyone. A thirty minute massage session for the baby should be a part of every parent’s daily routine.

Alternative Massage Therapy for Children

Pediatric massage differs from infants in many ways and offers numerous benefits. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD, is a rapidly rising psychiatric disorder among children. A general estimate puts 3-7% of all school-age children and adolescents as sufferers of ADHD. Studies have proven massage therapy as an effective tool to counter this disorder. A recent study revealed that adolescent boys who received 10-15 minutes of daily massage alternative therapy showed improved focus and less fatigue. They also rated themselves happier and showed remarkable signs of positive mood.

Long Term Benefits of Alternative Therapy

Another long term benefit of pediatric massage therapy is that it thwarts any potential problems that the child may encounter during his adult life. Marybetts Sinclair, one of the pioneers in pediatric massages is a massage therapist and writes about her own experiences on working with adults. She noted that many problem experiencing adults could have been effectively dealt with massage therapy during their childhood.

Trigger points from childhood injuries can cause pain and muscle stiffness in adult life. A birth injury that never healed could in turn cause structural problems. Some kids go through emotional trauma which if left untreated follows them in their adult life. All of this, according to Sinclair, can be prevented through alternative massage therapy.

The best part about alternative massage therapy is that it is a completely natural solution to numerous problems and does not require the use of any prescription drugs or medication. It is 100% safe and has no adverse side effects whatsoever making it ideal for children of all ages.

Risks and Benefits of Thalassotherapy

Massage therapies are by far one of the safer types of medical care when properly conducted by a good therapist. However, even the most natural treatment of all is not exempted with the possible risks and dangers of acquiring injuries, aggravating the patient’s current condition, or delivering additional devastating blows to the client. On the other hand, there are ways to make sure that you are getting a safer type of treatment in a massage therapy.

Thalassotherapy is a form of holistic modality that uses sea, warm water, seawater, and related products for health and wellness purposes. The therapy is a popular alternative for balneotherapy, watsu, and other types of water treatment. The therapy is commonly used in treating medical conditions such as asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other sorts of ailments, disorders, and dysfunctions. The therapy program is also used for the purpose of weight loss and for detoxifying the body naturally.

The benefits received from a Thalassotherapy session can be quite numerous due to its complex methods of delivering and promoting health and well being in an individual. The main purpose of this type of water therapy is to detoxify the body from harmful toxins and elements that can cause various health issues when left inside the human body. Although this is the common use of the therapy on most patients, there are still other purposes that attract many clients to using the techniques of the medical care. The therapy is great for enhancing the metabolism of an individual which is an essential ingredient for people who are into the weight loss program. It also helps in resolving digestion disorders which may lead to uncomfortable and painful conditions. The water therapy is also known for its effectiveness in providing treatment for various medical conditions such as arthritis, bronchitis, hypertension, scabies, muscle atrophy, eczema, muscle pain and all sorts of painful conditions. It is also used for de-stressing purposes as it is highly effective and powerful in releasing stress, tension, and fatigue from the mind and body of a patient in order to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment.

The risks of Thalassotherapy are less and not that significant as compared to its advantages to the human health. However, it is a wise move to respect the possibilities that it can cause more harm to the patient when done in the wrong way. The common errors done during the therapy session is the use of the pressurized jet sprayer. Although it does not do any major damages or injuries to the client, it can cause traumas to the patient when used in the wrong way. Anything done improperly can leave negative impacts to the client that’s why it is very important to make sure that the therapist knows what he or she is doing. The practitioner should also stay focused and alert throughout the whole duration of the therapy session to avoid causing health problems.

In general, the therapy is more on the safer side than risky when conducted by a certified practitioner or therapist.