Natural Therapies – The Medicine of the Future

Mother Nature is blessed with an abundance of living creatures that can be found in every corner of the earth. It is in the depths of the ocean and even in the air. The human species, taken as the most intelligent of all life on earth; has time and time again worked to improve the quality of life. These efforts based on trial and error; and on research supported by advanced technology have propelled the human civilization forward. The medical field has jumped by leaps and bounds in the ground breaking medical treatments. However, while our faith in the medical profession is strong, we still have a tendency to fall back on the old fashioned Grandma’s “chicken soup” remedy.

Yoga therapy is in essence a system of self healing. The practice of Yoga has clearly shown to work silently on the human body, thus restoring it to its original state. While Yoga therapy is not an independent substitute for medical treatment, its practice will remove ailments and aches or at times it prevents them from deteriorating. There are various types of Yoga therapy that is designed for specific ailments like high blood pressure, neck and spinal pain, arthritis, asthma or bronchitis, diabetes and the many preventive measures that can be adopted as therapy. Below I have listed some Yoga therapies that will definitely aid and curing some of the most common ailments.

Water Therapy / Gajahkarni

This is a special method of consuming plain water daily, non-stop for forty eight days. The results are spectacular; according to Yogic scriptures this unconventional technique removes all diseases above the diaphragm. Completely cleanses the upper half of the body.

Colon Cleansing / Shankaprakslana

This is a natural purified method of water-gastro-intestinal track cleansing. The Yoga end-to-end water cleansing is a remarkable technique of drinking water coupled with specific Yoga postures to clear the entire digestive track. This therapy should be done under the guidance of a Guru.

Water Fast

This therapy provides lasting benefits and is definitely worth the effort. All of Hollywood’s celebrities have written their own beauty books and expounded the benefits of water fasting. However, they all fast one day each, mostly on Monday’s because they party over the weekend. Water fast is simple and efficient way to rest the body, and cleanse it at the same time. The body is feed light and refreshing small meals.

Blood Purification / Satkriyas

This is simplicity at its peak, cleansing the kidneys, liver, pancreas and bladder. Excess build up of toxins are removed and purified. This is a special combination of strategic water intake and specific breathing exercises for forty eight days non-stop. You will feel the benefits by the second day. Works well.

Weight Management / Prana Shakti

This is and amazing therapy because you will learn how to melt your body fat by utilizing your own body heat (body energy, chi, ki, prana; named differently according to different cultures). What’s more exciting is that there is no dietary restriction. Plus you can direct your own energy to target problem areas. All it takes is five minutes a day of this excellent weight loss method, utilizing the ancient Yoga technique.

Oxygen Therapy / Pranayama

This is a simple yet efficient way to maintain health and eradicate disease. Oxygen therapy is a rejuvenation technique to remain glowing and youthful. The key is to oxygenate every cell in the body through specific breathing exercises.

Yoga therapy will improve the quality of your life without the use of medication. Yoga’s natural therapies are indeed the “medicine for the future”

Natural Cures For Asthma – Using Vitalzym To Free Your Asthma

Many asthma sufferers tend to look for a natural cure for asthma. I think they’re some choices of natural treatment out there. But, I guess not everybody knows about asthma treatment using systemic enzyme therapy. Systemic enzymes like Vitalzym is known as a natural health therapy that have major role in helping people with mostly health problems. But is it really can cure Asthma?

According to health physicians, asthma cannot be cured, but can be controlled so the sufferer only have a few and infrequent symptoms, have normal and active lives. If you trace the path to the cause of Asthma, then you’ll find that chronic inflammation of the inside wall of the airways to the lungs is the main problem. Scientists do not yet know how to prevent this inflammation of the airways that leads to asthma.

Studies show this conditions can happen because of tobacco smoke, allergens, or infections. We all know that our environment give a big contribution to this, everyday we’re being exposed to all dirty and irritating stuff, such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, changes in weather, strong odors from cooking, stress and many more. Even if we decide to stay at home, we still being exposed to the dust mites, cockroaches, mold, and animal dander.

So, how you’re gonna deal with all of that. There’s one doctor, her name is Dr. Ellen W. Cutler, a world-recognized champion of enzyme therapy and has over 25 years of experience in this field. She has worked with many patients suffering from Asthma, especially children and have success with it. She said enzymes are the one of the keys to successfully controlling asthma in children.

It seems that enzyme can give a hope for a person with asthma. The systemic enzyme, particularly Vitalzym, is the one that recommended by many health practitioners. But you must know that whether Vitalzym work for you or not, it’s always better if you look for natural cures for asthma. Doesn’t matter which asthma treatment you choose, taking care of your asthma is an important part of your life, so you can put yourself in control of your life, give you the freedom to do anything.

Natural Asthma Treatment – Sea Salt and Water

One of the most powerful natural asthma treatment may be found in your own kitchen! Sea salt and water intake is a potent alternative for asthma therapy. The next time you have an asthma attack, try putting a pinch of sea salt under your tongue, and drink a large glass of water. If this does not work immediately, do not panic. Try another of salt with another glass of warm water.

Sea salt is a very powerful natural antihistamine. It can also be used in an inhaler, without the harmful side effects of most medical drugs. Taking a pinch of sea salt along with the water helps to break up the mucus plugs in the lungs, get rid of the sticky phlegm and stop that persistent dry cough that mostly accompanies asthma attacks. It is also a natural antiseptic that helps your body to fight off germs and bacteria and helps to keep your body’s electrolytes in a healthy balance.

Many people are also unknowingly suffering from dehydration. In today’s hectic lifestyle, many people are not drinking enough water. To make matters worse, they routinely drink coffee and tea in place of pure water. Drinks like coffee and tea are diuretics which make your body lose even more water. When you do not drink enough water to properly hydrate your body, your air passages tend to close in an attempt to keep water from escaping as vapor. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated will address this problem.

Begin drinking half of your body weight every day in ounces of water (recommended at least 8 glasses of water a day) and take a little bit of natural sea salt along with the water. Allow your body to get accustomed to this routine by making sure that you do not drink a whole gallon of water in one sitting. Split up the drinking throughout the day so that your body is able to properly absorb the water and you do not flood your system all at one time. This will keep your body hydrated throughout the day, and ward off asthma attacks naturally.

If you have been doing this routine daily, and the asthma condition has not improved, perhaps, it is time to look at other possible causes as well. Work related asthma is a common cause for many people, and warrants further investigation on your part.